About Us

I've kept a blog of some sort for twelve years (since I was thirteen), so even though I don't know what audience I'm typing to (or why), it is contrary to my nature to not write.  These posts are simple reports of our day-to-day lives so I don't forget the details.  I find myself almost obsessed with documenting everything.  Also, it is a great place to keep our family updated.

I'm Katie!  Twenty-seven years old.  Work at home mom--I am an Assistant Professor and teach freshmen-level English courses.  I also am in the dissertation phase of my doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction.  I enjoy writing, reading, taking far too many photos, trying to live healthy, and a clean, orderly home (that doesn't really exist anymore).

In 2007, I married my favorite boy of three years, Christopher.  We started dating right before I graduated high school, and married right after finishing our bachelor's degrees (I graduated a year early thanks to insane credit loads and summer school).  I was twenty.  Christopher loves running, camping, photography, reading, and maintaining his cultural literacy.  He is a work at home dad and is also an Assistant Professor and Instructional Mentor with a team of professors.  He is also working on his dissertation.  Yeah, we have the same resume.

After three and a half years of marriage, we created another favorite boy, Eliot Thomas Robinson.  He was born January 14, 2011.  He's the real star of this blog.  Eliot loves raspberries, sports, exploring, playing with our dogs and cat, stealing things out of waiters' aprons at restaurants, unwrapping presents, and cuddles.  He steals the heart of everyone he meets and I couldn't be more proud of this adorable boy.  We're a co-sleeping, organic-eating, baby-wearing kind of family.

On June 26, 2013, we welcomed our second baby boy, Jack Christopher Robinson, into our family.  Jack loves milk, baths, flying through the air, and being without clothes.

The four of us live near Virginia Beach where we enjoy reading, writing, beaching, photography, and attempting to garden and cook..