Friday, March 4, 2016

North West River-ing

We stand at the odd place in between seasons. I remember the past couple of months of March feeling drab and wet and not spring as early as I'd like. Truly, March is still winter, but I am trying to take advantage of every ounce of sunshine.

Last summer, we bought a double kayak, which was something Chris and I had been dreaming of since before we got married. We took the kayak out about once a week or more exploring new places and it felt like such a vacation. Jack loved it (and often fell asleep) while Eliot was scared, but we made it work. This past week, we had some very nice days, so Chris and I took the kayak out alone (only the second time we've ever been without the boys) to the Northwest River. Everyone always warns you to look out for snakes at NW River Park, but we put it in at Bob's Fishing Hole. It just cost us two bucks to use the ramp and on we went. No snake sightings. While most boats went out to the left, we paddled to the right and quickly came upon an old rail road bridge. Chris was nervous about going under it, but I assured him we'd be just fine. Sure enough, we fit under without even ducking and our boat didn't scrape any rocks along the bottom. We were able to paddle along for about an hour before we headed back to pick the boys up from my mom's house.

My teenaged Golf recently died (RIP), so we bought a Toyota Tacoma. One of the many things I have been excited about has been using it for kayaking. With a bed extender, we were able to easily transport our double kayak. Honestly, we probably would have paddled more last summer if it hadn't been such a pain getting the kayak on the roof of our SUV. Now I know we can quickly and easily get ready for a trip, so I'll feel more spontaneous.

There's something really special about kayaking. I'm so glad that Chris and I both love it, even if we don't paddle fast and just drift along. There's no pressure; we just like being together. On a boat. In the middle of nowhere. Hoping we don't see snakes. It doesn't make sense, really, but we have fun. As I watched him strap down the kayak as we prepared to head home, I felt grateful that we grow together as a couple. It is important to find someone with similar interests as you--or at least someone who will get excited about your interest even if they don't care of it themselves--but it is also a beautiful thing to find someone who will grow in new interests with you.